David Kopf Instruments products are available on a world wide basis through selected sales and service representatives. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with uncompromised quality, continued technical support, as well as, dependable customer service.

Agnthos AB
Dalenum, Hus 105 181 70 Lidingo Sweden
Telephone: 46 8 7665715
Fax: 46 8 7662715
Email: agnthos@agnthos.se Johan.eliasson@agnthos.se
Website: www.agnthos.se
Denmark Finland Sweden Norway
Better Hospital Equipment
Temporary – contact David Kopf Instruments
Telephone: 818-352-3274
Fax: 818-352-3129
Email: sales@kopfinstruments.net
Website: www.kopfinstruments.com
Africa Asia Australia Austria Central America E. Europe Japan New Zealand Near/Middle East South America South Europe China
Bilaney Consultants GmbH
Schirmerstr. 23 D-40211 Dusseldorf Federal Republic of Germany
Telephone: 49 211 36 40 43
Fax: 49 211 164 9177
Email: bilaney@bilaney.de
Website: www.bilaney.com
European Union Switzerland Israel Central/East Europe Near/Middle East
Bilaney Consultants Ltd.
St. Julians Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 ORX United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 (0)1732 450002
Fax: 44 (0)1732 450003
Email: sales@bilaney.co.uk  Website:www.bilaney.com
United Kingdom European Union Switzerland Israel Central/East Europe Near/Middle East
Bio Research Center Co., Ltd.
Protech, Intl. Yokota Building 2-28-24 Izumi, Higashi-ku Nagoya, Japan
Telephone: 81 52 932 6421
Fax: 81 52 932 6755
Website: www.brck.co.jp
CIB International Group Co.
Room 1102, E-Building No. 170 Beiyuan Rd.
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100012, P.R. China
Telephone: 010-52463430
Fax: 010-582359998 Email:wy720217@263.net and lucia@cibchina.com
Website: www.cibchina.com
Shanghai yongzhou Experiment Equipment Co., LTD 
Room D1-1325, No. 58
Heng Tai Economic Devel. Zone, Shanghai, China
Telephone: +86-18515630288
Website: yongzhoush.com/
Consent Biotechnology (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
Room 716No 57,Yue Lu road, Yue Lu district Chang Sha,
Hu Nan Province, China
Telephone:0731-84428665  +8613817442250
Fax: 0731-84428665
Email: keji1985@163com and consentcs@126.com
Website: www.consentcs.com
S.a.r.l. 21 Rue Campo Formio 75013 Paris France
Telephone: 33 1 4424 2518
Fax: 33 1 4424 2357
Email: phymep@wanadoo.fr
Website: www.phymep.com
SDR Scientific
206 / 354 Eastern Valley Way Chatswood N.S.W. 2067 Australia
Telephone: 61 2 9882 2882
Fax: 61 2 9882 6468
Email: sdr@sdr.com.au
Website: www.sdr.com.au
Australia New Zealand
Rua Arandu 205/1105 045620939 Sao Paulo SP Brazil
Telephone: (011) 5506-4646
Fax: (011) 5506-4204
Email: vendas@sellex.com
Website: www.sellex.com

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