Model 2650 Micropositioner

Model 2650 Micropositioner is an electronically controlled hydraulic micro stepping positioner providing .5 miron resolution movement that combines rapid motion with micro meter scale resolution

Model 2662 Micropositioner Direct Drive High Speed with 50mm Travel

Model 2662 Direct Drive Micropositioner is an electronically controlled direct drive micro stepping positioner providing .1 micron resolution movement 50 mm travel, ideal for high penetration velocity with exact actual movement of the probe.

Model 608 Chronic Adapter

Model 608 Chronic Adapter joins the permanently installed ring mount with the slave cylinder of Kopf hydraulic micropositioner and precision X/Y slide for chronic studies.

Model 1460-G Rotation Adapter

Model 1460-G allows a third rotation axis with up to 180° of rotation to be added to any Kopf manipulator / micropositioner stereotaxic set up.