The UltraMicroPump 3T (UMP3T-1) manufactured by World Precision Instruments is a versatile pump which uses micro syringes to deliver picoliter to milliliter volumes. The pump is optimum for applications that require injections of precise and small amounts of liquid. With its touchscreen controller, UMP3 can displace as little as 0.53 μL/step (using 10 μL syringe with 60 mm scale length).

The new SMARTouch™ controller for the UltraMicroPump features Patent Pending technology which includes:

  • Total system calibration – Calibrate the syringe and the controller together as a system. This feature eliminates the variability of the syringes and delivers the calibrated volume.
  • Smart smoothness – The controller can be set to automatically adjust microstepping according to the injection rate to deliver the smoothest flow.
  • User defined travel limits – Set the limits for a specific syringe in the software. This prevents the pump from over-driving the plunger into the syringe, potentially causing syringe breakage.

Low Fluid Dead Volume

Syringes may be filled externally and then inserted into the pump or filled while mounted in the pump. Fluids injected or withdrawn are held entirely within the micro syringe to maintain a low fluid dead volume.

Flexibility in Mounting

For positioning, the UMP3 Ultra Micro Pump may be attached to any traditional Kopf manipulator using Model 1770-C Upper Bracket Clamp.  Note: For use with Model 1900 Stereotaxic Alignment System, Model 1972 Syringe Holder and Model 1971 Syringe Pump Adapter are required.

Rapid Setup with Intuitive Touchscreen Controller

An Integral component in the UMP3 system is the SMARTouch™ touchscreen controller, which provides an “intelligent” and easy-to-use interface to up to four (or two) syringe pumps. Operating parameters are set with the touchscreen panel. You can save your parameters for instant recall. An optional footswitch offers “hands free” start/stop operation.

Computer Control—A USB port on the rear of the controller can be used to connect it to a computer for scripted protocols.

Note: UMP3 accepts glass syringes with barrel diameters from
5.5 to 9 mm.

Model UMP3-1 Ultra MicroPump with Micro4T controller is only available for use with 3 or 4 UMP pumps.  Model UMP3T-1 and UMP3T-2 are supplied with Micro2T Controller and are for use with one or two pump configuration.


  • Graphic display with SMARTouch™ touch screen controller for “intelligent”, easy-to-use interface controlling up to four syringe pumps
  • Splash-proof touch screen
  • User configurable mounting bar
  • Dual mode motor drive
  • Compatible with all UMP, UMP2 and UMP3 pumps
  • Optional foot switch available
  • 5 digit display


  • Accepts a wide variety of microinjection syringes
  • Manual or automated injections
  • Quiet operation for electrophysiology recordings
  • Mounts directly on micromanipulator or stereotaxic frame
  • Nominal injections down to 1nL
  • Rapid setup with intuitive touchscreen controller

Ultramicropump Specifications
(based on 10 μL syringe)

Normal Mode
Travel 62 mm
Minimum Dispensing Volume 0.58 nL / step (10 μL syringe)
Linear Motion Per Step 3.175 μm/half step
Weight 325 g (11.5 oz)
Mounting Rod Diameters 7.9 mm (0.31 in.)
Mains Power Supply 90-264VAC @ 47-63Hz
Dimensions ∅ 32 mm x 190 mm
(∅ 1.3 in. x 7.5 in.)
Microstepping Mode
Precision is increased eight-fold