Model 990 Spinal Compression Device is designed to apply a specified amount of weight to a target area on the spine.

The spinal compression device includes a stereotaxic holder with pressure applicator and assortment of weights. The pressure applicator is designed to hold a combined weight of either 5 or 10 grams. The pressure applicator is inserted into the spinal compression device holder. The dimension of the applicator tip is 2 mm long x
1 mm wide.

Once spinal compression device is securely mounted on the stereotaxic manipulator, the electrode manipulator vertical adjustment knob will require lowering until the applicator tip is resting on the target area. When the pressure applicator (with required weights) begins to rise up out of the support holder, you have then placed the specified amount of weight onto the spinal cord.




  • Simple, easy-to-use concept.
  • Controlled weight displacement.
  • A convenient method to deliver a specific amount of weight to a target area.

This device was designed to mount onto any Kopf manipulator.

Custom weights and/or modified dimensions of the applicator tip are quoted upon request.