Model 930 Small Animal Stereotaxic Frame Assembly is designed in response to many researchers requesting a small animal stereotaxic without our traditional “U” frame assembly. This instrument provides easy access to the animal and offers an open working area for additional surgical instruments.

The instrument includes a stainless steel calibrated A/P bar, replacing the traditional KOPF stereotaxic “U” frame assembly. The stereotaxic frame assembly is mounted to a 17″L x 10″W base plate. Ear bar blocks are elevated to bring ear bar height to 53 mm. Ear bar slots have 0.1 mm verniers for ease in centering the animal. Ear bar zero to posterior end of base plate is 9.250″.

A/P Bar – 18.70 mm square
A/P Bar length – 25.40 cm
A/P Bar calibration – 100 mm each side of zero (ear bar centerline)
A/P zero to posterior end of bar – 12.70 cm
Ear Bar Block position – A/P zero

Model 920 Rat Adaptor includes a nose and tooth bar assembly offering various stereotaxic adjustments.

Dorsal/Ventral adjustment dial – Calibrated in 100 micron increments, 1 mm per revolution.
Dorsal/Ventral adjustment – 30 mm
Dorsal – 10 mm above ear bar zero
Ventral – 20 mm below ear bar zero
Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment – 44 mm
Ear Bars – Model 957 18° Tip Rat Ear Bars
(6.3 mm square with 35 mm of calibration).

Model 930 Standard Accessories
(supplied with Model 930)

Model 930-B Stereotaxic Frame Assembly with Base Plate
(17″L x 10″W)
Model 920 Rat Adaptor including one set of
Model 957 18° Tip Rat Ear Bars

Stereotaxic Manipulators are sold separately. A variety of manipulators are available for use with Model 930 Stereotaxic Frame Assembly.

Model 1460, 1460-61 Electrode Manipulator
Model 1760-SB, 1760-61SB Micro Manipulator
(SB series fits 18.70 mm A/P bar)

Model 932 Dual AP Bar (quoted upon request)


Model 930 Small Animal Stereotaxic Frame featuring
Model 1460 Electrode Manipulator.
 (Sold Separately)


  • Quality, versatility and ability to perform are guaranteed by
    David Kopf Instruments.
  • Combines student level operating simplicity
    with research quality and accuracy.
  • Permits accurate and reliable stereotaxic placement.
  • Modular accessories allow for expansion of instrument capabilities.
  • Adaptable for use with a wide variety of small animals.