Model 923M MRI Mouse Gas Anesthesia Adaptor is designed for use with Model 900M offering maximum stereotaxic adjustment available for positioning the head, allowing versatility to angle the head position without obstructing the ability to deliver gas anesthesia.

Another unique feature that this adaptor offers is ear bars which can be filled with a reference fluid marker, such as Vitamin E or Mineral Oil. Ear bars have removable extensions. Once animal is properly secured within the head holder, the back of the ear bar can be unscrewed and removed, this will assist when loading MRI head holder into small diameter MRI devices.

Dorsal/Ventral adjustment – 20 mm
Dorsal – 10 mm above ear bar zero
Ventral – 10 mm below ear bar zero
Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment – 46 mm
Ear Bars – Model 922M MRI Non-Rupture 60° Tip Mouse Ear Bars         with fillable fluid marker tip (6.3 mm square with 20 mm of calibration).
Gas Anesthesia Mask – inlet/outlet ports (1/8″ dia.)