Model 1950 Off-Plane Insertion Tool is designed for angular presentations, offering two additional axes of manipulation when used in combination with a Kopf 1900 series micro manipulator.

Coronal Angle – 0-45° Dorsal Angle – ±90°
Z2 Axial movement – 25 mm
Linear movement minimum division – .010 mm
Coronal Angle minimum division – 1.0°

The coronal arch (A-axis) has repeatable pin index positions every 5°. A large knurled locking screw provides locking at subsequent positions anywhere along the arch. The coronal arch may be rotated about the vertical axis ±90° with repeatable pin index positions every 15° to create the compound angles of both coronal and dorsal presentations.


The sterotaxic holder is advanced via the axial slide “Z2”. The “Z2”
slide is a precision dovetail slide with calibrated dial. Dial is calibrated in .010 mm increments with .50 mm per revolution.

Product design for off plane angled presentations, does not maintain common centerline position of tool.

Kopf traditional stereotaxic holders are used for use with Model 1950
Off-Plane Insertion Tool.  Unit does not include stereotaxic holders.