Model 1474 High Speed Stereotaxic Drill is designed for placing holes in the skull at precise stereotaxic coordinates for electrodes, cannulas or micro injections.

Model 1474 can be run at a variable speed with dial or foot pedal control. The foot pedal control speed range is from 0 – 45,000 rpm. Both the micro motor control and foot pedal control have forward and reverse operation. Steady constant speed can be achieved with proper flip of the switch from foot to manual control.

Additional design features include a quick change rotary chuck handpiece with DC motor housed within. This handpiece is distinguished from flexible shaft machines by higher speed performance and added flexibility. Includes standard collet 1/8″. The handpiece is vibration-free, quiet running and lightweight. Model 1464 stereotaxic handpiece holder is included.  Note: Model 1464 handpiece holder has been specifically designed to hold the MH-170 Handpiece only and will not work with other drill handpieces.

Model 1474 Handpiece
Size: 6″ overall length
5/8″ grip diameter
1″ motor diameter
1.75 amps (110V), .75 amps (220V)
Weight: 7.5 ounces
(Drill bits sold separately)

Precision Drill Bits (minimum order 5 each)

Additional drill bit sizes available listed below:

 P/N 8160 #60 Drill bit (.040”)  P/N 8175 #75 Drill Bit (.021”)
 P/N 8165 #65 Drill Bit (.035”)  P/N 8176 #76 Drill Bit (.020”)
 P/N 8166 #66 Drill Bit (.033”)  P/N 8177 #77 Drill Bit (.018”)
 P/N 8167 #67 Drill Bit (.032”)  P/N 8181 #81 Drill Bit (.013”)
 P/N 8170 #70 Drill Bit (.028”)
 P/N 8173 #73 Drill Bit (.024”)
 P/N 8174 #74 Drill Bit (.0225”)