Model 900-E Lazy Susan Base Plate unique style allows the standard Model 900 series small animal stereotaxic instrument to be rotated 360┬░. There is a locking screw that allows the plate to be secured in place.

Weight: 13 lbs.


Model 912 Spinal Base Plate is a precision machined aluminum base plate that has two full length tee slots for the rapid mounting and removal of components. It will accept the 900 series small animal stereotaxic instruments.
Plate can be drilled to accept 1430 and 1530 stereotaxic frames.

Weight: 27 lbs.
Dimensions: 24″ L x 12″ W x 1″ H


Model 1712 Instrument Mounting Plate is designed for micro electrode work where high inertia and maximum rigidity are essential.
Model 1712 base plate is aluminum with a 1″┬ádiameter hole and tee handle lock for mounting Model 1730 Intracellular Frame. You can mount Model 1430 or 1530 Stereotaxic Frame to this base by ordering the Model 1712-02 sleeve to reduce the mounting hole to 3/4″ diameter. This set-up will require a 20 mm (25/32 or .781″) hole drilled through the table to allow vertical adjust-ment of the shaft on the stereotaxic for lowering height of apparatus. Another alternative would be our Model 1725 Universal Clamp and Stand Post. Model 1725 allows easy adjustment of stereotaxic frame height, which can be positioned anywhere along the vertical shaft. Rubber feet are provided on the corners to help dampen vibration.

Weight: 77 lbs.
Dimensions: 36″ L x 12″ W x 2┬╝” H

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